How To Transfer A Domain Name

Transferring a domain name is not hard at all, you can easily transfer a domain name to us on this page. However, you'll have to follow a few important [...]

What does DNS Mean?

DNS stand for Domain Name System. This system makes sure every domain name can be converted to an IP address and reversed; Subdomains, host names, and regular domains. But [...]

Special Characters in Your Domain Name

You can choose any domain name you like, you could use your company name, your own name, it doesn't matter. However, some characters can't be used in a domain [...]

What is a Subdomain Name?

Below you can see a quote from the CPanel itself, which best summarizes what a subdomain is and what it's used for. A subdomain is a subsection of your [...]

What is a Top Level Domain Name?

A top level domain name (also known as TLD) is the last part of your domain name. A few examples of TLDs are .com | .net | .eu | [...]