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Shared Hosting VS VPS

You've probably seen a lot of sites offering both shared hosting and VPS hosting. If you looked at them both you probably also saw that VPS is way more expensive. Like [...]

Starting a Website Like eBay is Easy With WordPress

Starting a website like eBay can seem like a daunting task. eBay has many employees who work every day to make eBay better. However, as the demand for creating auction [...]

How to Stop Fake Bot Registration Attempts in WordPress

Fake, or bot registration attempts in WordPress can be a real pain. Every time you get an email that someone registered to your site and you think it's an [...]

How to and How Not to Add Custom CSS to Your WordPress website

This subject is more programming oriented than most other articles on this site, however adding custom CSS to your WordPress website can make it stand our from the crowd. Because [...]

3 Ways to Turn Your Website into an App

So you want to turn your website into a mobile app, but don't know which way you want to do it, or you don't even know a way how [...]

How to Get Your WebView App Accepted by the IOS App Store

So you built a WebView app. You paid all the fees went through all the struggles and than after days of waiting you get a message that says that [...]

How To Hide Plugins From Other WordPress Users

Maybe you have one or more clients and you want to hide some WordPress plugins from them. Or maybe you have contributors and accomplish the same thing. This can [...]

Migrating Your WordPress Website to Another Host

We know what a hassle it can be to migrate your WordPress website, but thanks to a wonderful plugin called All-in-One WP Migration, you'll be able to migrate your [...]

How to create a cron job in cPanel

What is a cron job and how does it work? A cron job is a task that your webserver executes every x hours, days or weeks. A cron job [...]

From Setup To Publishing Your WordPress App

In this article we're going to show you how to setup the WordPress Project App plugin for your website. We recently made a video where we show all the [...]