3 Ways to Turn Your Website into an App

So you want to turn your website into a mobile app, but don’t know which way you want to do it, or you don’t even know a way how to to it yet? Then you’re in the right place! In this article we will show you three ways to turn your website into an amazing mobile application that people can install on their IOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.

This article is not only for coders, but also for non-coders who want to let someone do this job for them. Because even if you are a non-coder it’s important to know the ways of accomplishing this specific task, so you can pick the best option for you. Now let’s get to it!

Native App

So the most complicated yet most user-friendly for the end user and the most flexible option is a pure native app that you have to program or let someone else program separately for IOS, Android and Windows Phone. Although it is very flexible and you can make almost anything you want here, it may not be the most practical solution, because most of the time the costs and the complication of such an app, especially if you have an online shop and you want all the products and content from your site into the app, will not weigh up to the user-friendliness that your app will have over the other two solutions.

I don’t assume all the people reading this article will have thousands of dollars to spend to get their sites converted into an app, but in case you do have thousands of dollars to spend, or the programming knowledge to accomplish this task, you can go for this option. If you want to know how to accomplish the task in a less expensive way, for less than a hundred dollars, I suggest you keep on reading this article.

Hybrid App

Hybrids became very popular over the last few years, because in most cases it saves that much time and money to build a nice looking, user-friendly app. One of the most popular platforms out there to make hybrid apps is PhoneGap. PhoneGap is an initiative of Adobe which enables developers who are used to working with HTML, JavaScript and CSS to make apps with these web programming languages only, so they don’t have to learn Swift, C++ or Java first, which would be used for native apps.

A hybrid app is an app that uses web programming languages, but can use native functions and has a native UI, it also works offline which is of course a big plus. You can make it look just like a native app, however, it will probably not be as smooth as a native app. Also in this solution, especially if you are using WordPress, not all plugins will work, it also doesn’t support PHP, so forms won’t process like on your website, this can be a big problem for some people. Hybrid apps will work on all the devices you can think of, like Android, IOS and Windows phones.

The price of an app like this can be $0 if you have basic HTML, CSS and JS knowledge and a static website that doesn’t (often) changes or adds content, up to a few thousand dollars if you want an app that is synced with your website’s database and keeps updating it’s contents whenever you update the contents on your website. With these kind of apps it all depends on what functionalities you want. That’s why I can’t give you an exact price tag on this solution.

If you want to find out more about PhoneGap, which by the way is free, I suggest you click here to find out more on their website.

WebView App

Another option you can choose to convert your website into an app is a WebView app. WebView apps take your website and turn it into an app with all contents, styling and JavaScript that you use on your website. All forms will work and the user can do everything they can do on your website. For this, your website must be responsive and mobile-friendly.

If you have a WordPress website, we have the perfect solution for you. You can download the project app plugin made by me from the WordPress plugin repository. With the plugin, you can choose a separate theme or design for your WebView application. We made an app theme, but if you want your app to be smooth like a native app you can choose a premium WordPress mobile theme from Themeforest that uses AJAX loading.  No one will notice that it is actually a website that’s loading, everyone will enjoy your app like it’s native. Done setting up your app with the project app plugin? Then order one of our app plans and just wait until the apps are finished. Publishing your app can be done for a small amount of just $30,- one time payment. You can also choose a subscription which is cheaper than signing up for a developer account yourself.


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