How To Hide Plugins From Other WordPress Users

Maybe you have one or more clients and you want to hide some WordPress plugins from them. Or maybe you have contributors and accomplish the same thing. This can easily be done with a handy plugin called ‘Hide Plugins’. So how does it work? We’ll explain that in this tutorial.

Installing the plugin

First install the Hide plugins plugin from the WordPress plugin directory. The plugin should look something like the image below.

hide wordpress plugins

Activate the plugin.
You don’t have to set up anything further, the plugin is ready to use like this, very easy.

Hiding plugins

To hide plugins just go to Plugins -> installed plugins in your WordPress installation. You should see a new button called Hide. Look at the image below if you’re not sure.

hide wordpress plugin

Click the hide button on the plugins you want to hide and you;re done.

How does it work?

The WordPress plugins that you hid can’t be seen by any other user but the one that installed the Hide Plugins plugin. Also, no one but who installed the Hide Plugins plugin can see that this plugin is installed. The plugins are only hidden on the installed plugins page, so if a user has access to the files of their website they can still see the files and directories of these plugins. Still this is the most efficient way we found to hide WordPress plugins from other users.

Know a plugin that accomplishes the same thing? Let us know in the comment section below.


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