Migrating Your WordPress Website to Another Host

We know what a hassle it can be to migrate your WordPress website, but thanks to a wonderful plugin called All-in-One WP Migration, you’ll be able to migrate your WordPress website within a matter of minutes.

Before you start

Before you can start migrating, deactivate all plugins on your site (except All-in-One WP Migration if you already got this installed). This varies per site but I’ve experienced a lot of trouble with WordPress websites that people want to migrate and still have te plugins activated. You don’t have to delete your plugins, just deactivate them to make sure you can still access your website.

Now when you’re ready, install the All-in-One WP Migration plugin from the WordPress plugin directory, it’s completely free.

Export process

Configure to the All-in-One WP Migration plugin and click on the ‘Export’ link.

wp all in one migration use

Here you can replace text in your database with any text you like, so if you’d want to change the URL of your website, click on the ‘Add’ button and fill in your details like in the example below.

wordpress website migration

Replace http://oldurl.com and http://newurl.com with your own replacing info.

When you’re done, click on the green ‘EXPORT TO’ button. Select the ‘FILE’ option from the drop down menu.

export to file

Import process

The import process is even easier than the export process with the All-in-One WP Migration plugin. First go to the website where you want to import your data and login to the admin panel. Now click on te ‘import’ link in the All-in-One WP Migration menu. Next, click on the green ‘IMPORT FROM’ button. Since we exported our data to a file, we’ll import our data from a file as well.

import wordpress

Now you’ll probably have to wait a really long time before your data is imported depending on the size of your site, so have some patience. Once you imported the data activate all your plugins again and have fun with your website!


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