Configuring Addon Domains in cPanel

In this tutorial we’ll show you how to configure addon domains in cPanel.

What are addon domains?

When you have your hosting plan you also have a domain. This domain is registered with your hosting plan, so you can configure to cPanel. But it’s also possible to add more domains to your hosting plan, if you have enough web space left in the hosting plan. An addon domain creates a directory in which you can store all the files of your new website, it functions just like a regular domain. Visitors of the website with the addon domain won’t know your website is on an addon domain.

In short: an addon domain is a domain you add extra to your hosting plan.

To add a new independant domain you of course need to register a domain with us or with an other registrar, but you’ll also need an addon domain in cPanel, we advise you to first add an addon domain in cPanel before you register your new domain.

How to add an addon domain?

To add an addon domain, login to your cPanel and type the word ‘add’ in the search box that says ‘Find functions quickly by typing here.’. At the top, you should now see ‘Addon Domains’ in the ‘DOMAINS’ section of cPanel. Click on ‘Addon Domains’.

addon domains

Now you can create a new addon domain. There are several options here, for example you can set the document root of the files you want to put on your website, which is very nice if you have a lot of addon domains or subdomains. You can even configure a special FTP account for your addon domain, but we’re not going to do that right now, because this is just a tutorial.

addon domain add domain

Click the ‘Add Domain’ button.

Done, congratulations, you’ve successfully created an addon domain :). Remember, your domain is not registered yet, to register a domain, you have to buy a domain with a domain registrar like us.


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