Forcing SSL On Your Entire WordPress Site

There are several ways of forcing SSL on your entire WordPress website, but we’re going to show you the, in our opinion, easiest method we know in this tutorial.

In this tutorial we expect you to already have an SSL certificate installed on your website, if not read the article about Getting A Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate. So if you have an SSL certificate installed, this will be a piece of cake, else, create one for free. All our hosting plans offer an unlimited amount of SSL certificates for free.

Let’s get started with the tutorial

To force SSL on your WordPress website login to your Wordpress admin and go to Plugins -> Add New.

Now type in the search plugins field ‘Really Simple SSL‘. Simple right?


Make sure you see the one above and click install and activate. Make sure it’s this one. You may now have SSL on the back-end (Admin Panel) of your WordPress installation. However, you may not have forced SSL on your front-end yet.

To enable SSL on the front end, go to installed plugins and search for the Really Simple SSL plugin you just installed. Click on settings in the Really Simple SSL plugin area, or just go to Settings -> SSL ;).

Now the only thing you need to do to activate SSL on your entire WordPress website is click on that blue button that says ‘Go ahead, activate SSL!’, and you’re done. You should now have SSL

Remember, you must have an SSL certificate before you can activate SSL on your entire WordPress website with this plugin, or else this will not work.

Congratulations, now all you WordPress pages and contents have SSL protection. 🙂



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