Special Characters in Your Domain Name

You can choose any domain name you like, you could use your company name, your own name, it doesn’t matter. However, some characters can’t be used in a domain name. You can always use letters, numbers and the subtraction character (-) in your domain name, but you can’t use characters like &, *, ( or +.

Below a list of what you can and can not use in your domain name.

  • You can use numbers, the subtraction sign (-) and letters in a domain
  • You cant use special characters like *(&@ in a domain
  • You can’t use the subtraction sign right before or after a dot in a subdomain
  •  It’s not allowed to use trademarked names owned by other companies
  • The domain name must contain at least 2 characters and can’t be longer than 63 characters
  • The domain name has to contain at least one letter

Furthermore there is no distinction between upper- and lowercase letters. Also note that the rules can vary for every domain name extension (TLD).


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